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All About Label Adhesives

3 April 2014

Don't be daunted by terminology. Adhesives behave differently and the majority fall into three main areas. These are Permanent, Removable, Ultra Removable and Freezer Grade permanent. The adhesives from different manufacturers can work slightly differently so this tutorial is a general guide only to the most used adhesive types. 


If you are uncertain and would like to do some tests ask us for some sample labels. If you need help choosing then just ask us.


Permanent Adhesive -

The permanent adhesive is a quality permanent adhesive which will adhere very strongly to most surfaces. They will be difficult to remove and almost impossible to remove in one piece with a paper label. These adhesives are ideal for usage where you just want the label to stay stuck on permanently. Synthetic labels however due to their non tear capabilities can still be removed in one piece but usually distortion of the label or damage to the surface it is attached to will result. This adhesive is generally not used on wooden furniture etc as it will take some time to remove the adhesive. When you first apply the label to the item you may find the label can be removed fairly easily. This is because adhesive can take some time to acheive full strength. In fact some permanent adhesives are classed as "repositionable" meaning you will have some time to reposition the label before the adhesive bonds permanently.


Removable Adhesive -

The removable adhesive is used to remove the label without damage to the surface. This are normally used in businesses like furniture stores, music shops and bookshops. You are normally able to remove this label without any damage to the surface underneath. This removable adhesive is a mid strength adhesive so items with a low strength factor such as normal printing paper may show damage after taking off a removable adhesive.


Ultra Removable Adhesive -

For removable labels that peel from normal paper without damage (like "Sign Here" stickers for documents etc) you will may need an ultra removable adhesive. The adhesion quality is slightly more aggresive than a yellow sticky note so they can be easily removed. They are usually only needed in specialised situations like legal documents and delicate items like LP record covers.


Permanent Freezer Grade Adhesive -

Adhesives work within their own specified temperature ranges. Even if you store items below freezing you may not need a "Freezer" adhesive. Most normal permanent adhesives will still function well just below freezing as long as they are first applied to the product with the product above freezing point. If you are applying labels to frozen product then you will need a special Freezer grade adhesive and should do some field tests to confirm suitability. 




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