Scanning with Reckon POS

7 February 2014

To work with the POS software system made by Quicken - Reckon you need to add a tilde character as a prefix.

The first thing to do is ensure your scanner is working properly and it is properly connected. Do this by using the scanner and scanning a barcode into a Word, Notepad or similar. If this works OK then we can proceed. If not you need to get this working first.


Open the symbol reference guide here and you will need to print out only the pages listed below. Use the page numbers in the blue section on top of each page. Then scan the barcodes in the order provided.


Page 13-4

Scan “Scan Options”


Scan “<prefix><Data><suffix>”

Scan “Enter”

Page 13-4

Scan “scan prefix”

Page - Appendix D

Scan “1”

Scan “1”

Scan “2”

Scan “6”


When you are done the scanner will make a series of sounds and then retest the scanner first in word, notepad, etc. When compared with what you scanned before you should now see an added "~" character at the front of the barcode and an Enter after (should go to the next line). Now go ahead and test into the POS Software. Fingers crossed all is now working for you.



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